The Archipelago of ReahEdit

The Archipelago of Reah is a group of islands that were once one massive continent. The name of the island is lost due to time. The islands are ruled by council after the last King stepped down, it was this King that named the Archipelago, Reah. The story goes that his daughter died when the island became islands. This was his last act as King. After the King stepped down it was decided that the newly form Archipelago should be run by a council instead of another monarch. A member of each race (human, elf, dwarf, gnome, and halfling) were selected by there respected race.

The Characters Edit

Fyren - Tiefling Sorcerer (Entertainer)

Fyren is an up and coming entertainer with big aspirations. He traveled to Reah in hopes of completing the pilgrimage of Starman, his personal hero. The entertainer is already on his journey of becoming a household name, but the road is long and unforgiving.

William Benjamin Fluctus - Human Cleric (Sailor)

Will is the youngest of the group, and his age shows with his eagerness to trust people. Although the youngest, Will may hold the trophy for the darkest past. His parents were murdered before he could remember and the rest of his crew died a few short years ago. Will traveled to Reah after he heard that the crew that killed his own, had been spotted in the region.

Dewgal Button - Halfling Barbarian (Soldier)

Dewgal has been a warrior his entire life. When he was young he left his home on Basaka to join the Rangers on the island of Tego. Just before Fyren and Will arrived in Reah, Dewgal's squad was massacred by bandits. His commanding officer betrayed him, this betrayal sparked a new found rage in the Halfling that could prove useful in coming fights.

Shuppy Baby - Half-Elf Rogue (Pickpocket)

Shuppy started his criminal career as a freelancer in Shibus. While trying to scrounge enough money for that nights meal, he mistakenly tried to steal from a member of the Vito Family. Instead of taking his hand, the member introduced his to the islands Underboss. The rest is history, he rose in the ranks until he was welcomed as a full member, with all the benefits.

The Story So Far Edit

The up and coming entertainer, Fyren, and the young Cleric sailor, William Benjamin Fluctus, arrived at the pier of Tego on board a civilian transport ship Captained by the infamous Eddie Fitz. On the trip to the Archipelago of Reah, the pair had become acquaintances and decided to meet later in the day at a local inn. Fyren made his way there immediately and struck a deal with the Half-Orc barkeep, Gideon One-Horn. If he brought in a crowd with his performance, then he could have a free room for the night. After William finished his work with the ship, he decided to head towards the inn that Fyren had told him about. William asked direction from a fiery Halfling that had been interrogating the local sailors. After a small misunderstanding, they decided to visit the inn together. They met up with Fyren and the trio began to get to know each other. While Fyren and Dewgal seemed hesitant to trust each other, William was more then ready to share his life story. The night ended with a successful performance by Fyren that gave the group a place to sleep.

The next day, the trio sat down to break their fast. Fyren and Dewgal had yet to warm to each other, but decided to stick together for the foreseeable future. Just as they were finishing their meal, a man approached them with a job that might interest them. Dewgal and William agreed to his terms, while Fyren decided to see if he could find a way into the upper-class island. Fyren’s attempts proved fruitless so he decided to catch up with the rest of his group. The man’s problem took the form of a Dire Wolf that was turning his home into a den. After killing the beast, a group of local guards approached to show their appreciation. It was at this time that William revealed why he had travelled to the region, he was searching for a Goblin pirate ship named the Damned Deceit. Dewgal said he knew a Captain of the local Coast Guard that may know more information. The trio traveled to Shibus, the lower class, island, where they walked around brandishing their expensive looking equipment. They were the victims of an attempted mugging that they fought off. They reached the barracks of the Coast Guard where they talked with Dewgal’s contact, Alfonse Hawthorn. Alfonse shared what he knew, the Damned Deceit was chased away by his ship a little more then a week before, it hasn’t been seen since. Fyren and William left the room while Dewgal stayed behind for a few questions of his own. Alfonse didn’t have answers, but promised that he would ask around and contact him if he found anything. After a quick job, that involved a near blind women, the Trio returned to Tego, where Fyren performed again and once again gave the group a place to stay for the night.

The Islands of ReahEdit

Nora - The Elite District of the Capital

Tego - The Middle Class District of the Capital

Shibus - The Slum District of the Capital

Noni - The Gnomish Island

Cordin - The Dwarven Island

Basaka - The Halfling Island

The Elven Isle (Vria, Crey, and Sheltleth)

Wrivrada - The Prison Island

Other Major Locations Edit

Murk - The Underdark City

The Hinterlands - The Zanzook Dimension

Damena - The Island of Giants

Dietys of the Region Edit

Corvic: God of the Victim

Oohr: God of the Wayward Traveler

Latest activityEdit

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