Corvic is the greater diety of the victim, the abused, the avenger. His dogma is avenging the lost, causing pain to those who cause pain, and serving the "forgotten".

His appearance is humanoid. He stands on two feet and wears of fine suit of either black, blue, yellow, or white. He has the head of a raven with jet black eyes. On his beak he has a strip of black, blue, white, and yellow paint. The beak does not move when he speaks, his voice come from the air, a disembodied voice.

Corvic's followers are those who have been wronged and those who have no on to protect them. The clergy has no meeting place, they simply offer sage to him with a bounty placed underneath the offering bowl. The Paladins of Corvic are picked by the God himself. They fulfill the bounties and serve the God.

The Paladins of Corvic are known as the Rolling Plague. They wear a black cloak over armour of their class, which is also black. They wear white plague doctor masks, each with one of the four colours painted on the beaks. They also wear black hats: One wide brimmed with a flat top, one top hat, one bowler, and one monk hat.

The Paladins of Corvic have pale skin after they receive his gift. The raven man also bestows his mark upon them. It appears like a scar over their hearts. His followers will burn sage and other herbs along with a raven feather when praying to him.

When his followers require something from Corvic, they replace the raven feather with a bounty. Names or appearances with a list of their crimes. If deemed appropriate Corvic will then pass on these bounties to his Paladins who will carry out justice.