A long time ago Damena was a thriving city that many revered. They lived in happiness and peace. Their economy boomed and they had plenty. Unfortunately this kind of boom usually ends with a horrific crash.

The Navis Aqua was sailing the perimeter of Damena when the disaster struck. Giants of all kinds attacked the island. Storm Giants ships dropped off Hill, Stone, Frost, Fire, and Cloud Giants. The fact that these giants were seemingly working together shook the Captain to his core. Through his spy glass he could see the giants slaughtering citizens and burning buildings. The combined forces of the army, city guard, and militia fought valiantly but to no prevail. They managed to take down a few but the combined strength of the monstrosities destroyed everything. The crew held a consensus and they voted, with heavy hearts, to sail away from the island while they still could. Supposedly they were the only survivors.

The Hexarch burnt down the villages outside the city walls and broke down the wall to storm the inner city. Once the people were slaughtered the Giants divided the rest of the island between them. The Storm and Cloud Giants took the seas and bays of the island. The Hill Giants lived in the hills and valleys of the island. The Stone Giants took the cave systems below the city. The Frost Giants took the top of the mountain. The Fire Giants took the inside of the mountain where the magma flowed.

The Cloud Giants set up a thick flog around the island that prevented anyone from finding the island of Giants. Only those who are from Damena are able to maneuver their way through. Once everything was destroyed, the Giants began building the island back up. Large structures that allowed the Giants to live comfortably. The once beautiful island was converted into a fortress for Giants.