Maplebeard Edit

In their adolescent years the siblings, Orva and Vona burnt a mystic forest down with acid and froze the remains, near Yosethra. Among the forest was the only colony of Ents in Reah. Zook spotted one untouched sapling among the ravaged landscape. The great dragon uprooted the small sapling and transported it to his lair where he nursed it back to life. Raised away from his people, Maplebeard did not grow into the slow, non-violent sort that is common to Ents. He instead became a warrior, roaming the land hunting monstrous abominations. Also unlike most Ents, Maplebeard enjoyed to travel by sea. The walking tree worked on several crews and praised the Goddess Melora to protect his travels. Zook was by his side during the tree's final years. When he past, the tree turned to ash and blew out to sea.

The Goddess Melora snatched him from true death and appointed him as her champion, and captain of the spectral ship, the Fiddler's Green. Many sailors believe this to be the afterlife for sailors who follow Melora. The crew is composed of some of the most skilled sailors in the region.

When Maplebeard heard of Zanzook's banishment he pleaded with Melora to allow him to search for his friend. It took him years but eventually he found the pocket dimension. When they found him Zook was nearly mad and deathly thing from the lack of food. The crew helped Zook turn the Hinterlands from a barren wasteland into something more comfortable to live in.