Gru was raised by his grandmother after his parents disappeared on an exploration trip. As Half-Orcs living in a city they were often the targets of racism. When he was 16 his grandmother died, the guards passed it off as old age (natural causes). Gru wasn't convinced, the bright orange lips of his grandmothers corpse haunted him. He began to research poisons after finding her favourite cup smashed on the ground. He found, after some research, that a poison local to the north of Shibus causes the lips of those who ingest it to turn orange. He then tested the remains of the cup and found that it tested positive. Not trusting the common guard to do their job he traveled north and asked around until he found an alchemist living in a small village, known for shady acts. He interrogated the alchemist who quickly handed over his sales ledger after Gru promised not to drop his name to the guards. Gru returned to the city and handed in the ledger as well as the other evidence, he also gave up the name of the alchemist who was quickly brought in for producing contraband goods. The man responsible for his grandmothers death was brought in for interrogation. When asked why he did it he responded "Someone needed to rid the city of filthy blood". With no other connections to the city he decided to roam the land and help those who had problems that no one else would help fix. Gru does return to the islands every now and then but he prefers to roam. When he returns he stays in Tego where his grandmother raised him.

*The players have a 25% chance of running into Gru when looking for him. On a D4 I must roll a 3 for him to appear.