History Edit

The island of Nora is one of the three capital islands in The Archipelago of Reah. The island used to encompass the entire city of Nora, but as populations grew, the city began spilling on to the islands of Tego and Shibus. By the time the people began building on Shibus the island of Nora had transformed itself into the Elite island it is today. After years of this class divide the people of the capital began seeing themselves as three cities united under the name of Nora.

The Elite Districts Edit

Barracks - The barracks of Nora are located near the gates to Shibus. Some say this is because the Elite class has an intense distrust of the poor. This rumour is also supported by the fact that the barracks district is surrounded by a secondary set of walls. The Heart of Nora reside here when training or on active duty. When not on active duty they return to their own homes, wherever that may be. The Baracks also serve as a home to any Military personal that visit from other islands and cities.

Guild District - The Guild District of Nora is home to a variety of entertainers, scholars, aristocrats, etc. There are a wide variety of guilds located here, from the Stage (the entertainers guild) to the Shiny Coin (the collectors guild). There are dozens of buildings that the Council of Nora rents to groups. If you cannot pay the fee or produce the pre-determined goods, then your guild is disbanded and the building can be rented to the next group. For example, the Shiny Coin collects requests from wealthy patrons for various collectibles. They hand out these requests to the lowest bidder (similar to bounties). Once the collectible is delivered to the patron, a portion of the money goes to the bidder, a portion remains with the Shiny Coin, and the rest goes to the Council as payment for the building.

Council Centre - The Council Centre is surrounded by a secondary set of wall similar to the barracks district. The district itself is divided into 5 sections, one for each of the races that reside in the council (Elf, Human, Dwarf, Halfling, and Gnome). Each of these sections has their own gate to allow visitors to enter wherever they are most comfortable. Each section is designed to hold the appearance of the races home island. Ex. The Dwarven section is composed of slate homes of robust architecture and channels of molten rock to light the paths at night. At the very centre of the district is where the council representatives meet to discus issues, meet visitors, etc.

Performance Alley - Since this district is located between two sets of walls it appears like an alley when in reality it is much larger then a common alley. This district is where entertainers go to entertain and where people go to be entertained. There are small stands and stages where musicians, poets, and entertainers can perform. There are larger stages where actors can perform plays and musicals. There are bookstores and cafes where authors can go to have signings or to talk with others of their craft. The Performance Alley is rarely quiet and is always a good time.

Elite Docks - The docks on Nora have walls extending into the ocean in order to completely shut off the island from the outside world. These walls can be moved to allow known ships into the district for trade. Ships coming into the district are heavily monitored to prevent anyone from sneaking into where they do not belong.

Elite Market - The market on Nora sells high quality wares. Fresh produce and finely crafted weapons and armour. Just like the quality of the items the prices are also high.

Elite Residential - The residential district in Nora are large beautiful home or towering buildings of dozens of apartments. Unlike the other two islands, there is plenty of space in-between the buildings. This space is filled with lush gardens and parks with vegetation from all across the Archipelago.

Government Edit

The island of Nora is run by The Council of Nora. After the last monarch stepped down it was decided that the Capital and Archipelago should be run by a council of one of every race native to Reah.

Lawrence Pekoe - Halfling Councilor

Henrik Redrain - Elven Councilor

Alexi Ironbrew - Dwarven Councilor

Yennifer Martin - Human Councilor

Ziggy DeBolt - Gnomish Councilor

Persons of Interest Edit

Starman - A performer of legend. Many say that he was born and raised in the streets of Nora.

Dino Garland - A renown singer who spends most of his time in his club, Garland's Ghetto.

Owen Hickory - A Halfling from Basaka who is now a writer at the Stage. He is slowly gaining an audience among the populace.

Tompkin - A man who is trying to sell his late uncles old home.

Sergeant Leoben - A Sergeant for the Heart of Nora.

Samita Pekoe - The Daughter of the Halfling Councilor. She is a Captain for the Heart of Nora.

Points of Interest Edit

Starman Performance Site (The Era of Peace) - During his final tour the Starman performed for a large crowd just outside the council building. The stage is still there to this day.

The Stage - An guild for entertainers of all kinds. From writers to poets to actors.

The Shiny Coin - A collectors guild. The rich go there for trinkets, the strong go there for gold.

Defenses Edit

Large wall surround the entirety of the island, even the docks. Secondary walls surround the barracks and council districts as a form of extra protection. The Heart of Nora patrol the streets, canons line the tops of the walls, and ships patrol the coastline.

Rumour has it that there are clockwork warriors hidden in the walls of the island in case of dire circumstances. One man even saw them, while drunkenly stumbling home, past midnight, in a heavy rainstorm.

The Heart of Nora - The division of the city guard responsible for protecting the streets of the Elite Island.

Establishments Edit

Garland's Ghetto - A bar with local entertainment. Owned by the singer Dino Garland.

Cloudtop Bazaar - A collection of stalls located in the Elite Market. It has a little of everything you could imagine, if you have the gold to pay for it.