Oohr is the greater diety of travel by sea, storms, and protection. His dogma is protecting the weak, fighting tyranny, and travel by sea.

His appearance depends on his current mood. When he is being honoured, when his followers abide by his dogma, when he is destroying tyranny, his appearance is jolly. A great bushy beard, flowing hair, rosy cheeks, sparkling blue eyes. He wears a knitted fisherman sweater (beige), black canvas pants with leather boots. A pipe hangs from his mouth, a constant stream of white smoke emitting from the end. The smoke drifts behind his back and down to the cloud that he floats on.

When he is being disobeyed, disrespected, etc. his appearance turns angry. The bushy beard turns to a mass of tentacles. The flowing hair falls off. The rosy cheeks turn into pale green skin. The blue eyes turn into pure black eyes. The sweater rots, revealing the rippling muscles beneath. The pipe remains but the smoke turns a deep swirling black.

Oohr's followers are most commonly sailors, fisherman, etc. The clergy has a very loose hierarchy. The only set position are the Hall Masters. They take care of the mead halls, ordering mead, etc. Other members are free to stay if they put in the work.

Cleric's of Oohr have his symbol tattood at the base of their necks. They also wear a symbol somewhere on their person. Either as a pendant, broach, pin, or some other form.

Before travel his followers will praise his name by honouring him with a toast. In mead halls they boast of the good and curse the evil.