Owen Hickory is a writer at the Stage, the entertainers guild in Nora. Owen tired of the Halfling life in Basaka. He spent his youth wandering the fields while he wrote. The parents of the young Owen were confused by his choice of lifestyle but since they are very open, they accepted him and his choices. Owen would write poems, songs, stories, and even novels. Once he began sharing his works with his fellow Halflings they encouraged him to make more. When Owen came of age his mother and father urged him to send his work to the Stage in hopes of getting an invitation. Weeks passed (it takes a while to cross the continent by ship) and Owen began to lose hope. He spent the majority of his time in the fields by himself. One evening, as he was preparing to return home, a figure appeared before him. It bowed deeply before reaching a hand deep into its robes. It pulled out a letter that shimmered in the setting sun. When Owen accepted the letter it became corporeal and the figure disappeared in a burst of light. The envelope was an elegant crimson, sealed with a light blue wax, the image of an S pressed in. He immediately rushed home and opened the letter around his family. Inside was an acceptance letter signed by the writing director of the Stage. It said that there was a spot in the guild and that a ship would be arriving for him three days after the acceptance of the letter. He packed his bag, said goodbye to his family and departed to Nora. He began his studies of classical and contemporary works while fine-tuning his own writers. He worked with other writers to gain inspiration. In a few years he was one of the most promising new authors in the city of Nora. Before the arrival of William and Fyren, and the death of Dewgal's squad, Owen was gifted a special quill. Owen can't even remember who he got the quill from. As far as he remembers, he has had the quill since his arrival in Nora. Since he got the quill, strange things have been happening around the city, things that match his stories.