History Edit

The capital city of Nora used to be contained solely on the island of Nora. When populations grew the people of the capital began building on the island of Tego. That grew difficult when the woodland on the southern coast proved to dangerous to conquer. When the space on Tego was used up the people of the capital began building on Shibus, by this time Nora transformed itself into the Elite island it is today and Tego housed the majority of the working class. This left the island of Shibus with the poor, lame, and criminal. The farmers of Shibus also struggled with the land and its stubbornness to grow anything healthy. After years of this class divide the people of the capital began seeing themselves as three cities united under the name of Nora.

Districts Edit

Barracks - The barracks are located near the ferry that travels from Shibus and Nora. Just like the other barracks, this district is walled off as a secondary defense. The Shield of Nora resides here while on active duty or training.

Military Port - The military port is located on the western coast of the island. The Coast Guard reside here whlie on active duty or training. The Ships are docked here if they are not on patrol. 

Slums - The buildings in the slums were built of poor material and with haste. They are thin two story buildings that are built side by side. The largest percent of the population resides on this island.

Farmers Market - The market on Shibus does not sell any weapons or armour. Instead they try and sell some of their crop to make extra coin.

Government Edit

The island of Shibus is run by The Council of Nora. After the last monarch stepped down it was decided that the Capital and Archipelago should be run by a council of one of every race native to Reah.

Lawrence Pekoe - Halfling Councilor

Henrik Redrain - Elven Councilor

Alexi Ironbrew - Dwarven Councilor

Yennifer Martin - Human Councilor

Ziggy DeBolt - Gnomish Councilor

Persons of Interest Edit

Alfonse Hawthorne - A member of the Coast Guard and friend to Dewgal Button

The Rolling Plague - Four Paladins that serve the God, Corvic (Blue, Yellow, Black, White)

Reavus Wick - A dangerous rogue who's reputation demands respect. Some rumours say that he is somehow connected to Dino Garland, but no official investigation has been conducted.

Grunoir PembrookA private detective who was born and raised on Tego. While he no longer has a permanent residence there anymore, he still returns frequently.

Points of Interest Edit

The Spider Den - A dungeon of various spiders that is causing unrest among the people of the slums.

Defenses Edit

The Shield of Nora - The City Guard of Nora is divided into three division for the three islands. The Shield of Nora is the division that guards the island of Shibus. The guards do not actually enter the city proper, they instead stay at their outposts in large numbers.

The Coast Guard - The ships of the Coast Guard remain docked in Shibus when not in use. When on active duty they do patrols around the three island, searching for pirates and other beings who are not allowed to be there.

Establishments Edit

Farmers Market - The large market of stalls and buildings that the farmers and merchants use to sell their crops and wares.