History Edit

After the population of the city grew past the size of Nora, the people of the city began building on to the island of Tego. They built things that the previous city did not have such as factories, fisheries, farmers, etc. Now a days the island of Tego is known as the Middle Class island of the Capitol. After years of this class divide the people of the capital began seeing themselves as three cities united under the name of Nora.

Districts Edit

Factory - The factories on Tego were the first buildings to be built on Tego. They were established to help bring in money to the city and produce the materials required to build the rest of the city. They currently are used for mass production of metal bars, dried foods, and building materials. The factories and the port are where the majority of the population on Tego find work.

Port - The Port was established at the same time as the residential district. At the time of its construction the port on Nora took care of the passenger ships, while the port on Tego would be for cargo and fishing ships. After the port reached the size it is today and Nora began to shut itself in the port on Tego was the landing spot for all spots coming to the city. The port has a large number of the populace in its ranks.

Residential - The residences on Tego are tall buildings that house anywhere from 4 to 10 families. There are houses on Tego but they are located farther away from Nora. The people of the capital built the towers when their population was skyrocketing. Once the growth slowed they began building normal homes. Past the towers and houses are farms that help supply the city with food.

Market - The Market was built after the island of Nora began shutting itself off with walls. It began to be difficult for the people living in Tego to reach the markets on Nora so they simply built their own.

Barracks - After the island of Nora began shutting its doors to common travelers, a barracks district was founded by the bridge to Nora. It is a walled off district of the city that housed the city guard and acts as a secondary defense in case someone tries to siege the capital by land. The Sword of Nora reside in these wall while being trained or on active duty.

Outer Plains - The woods outside of Tego are filled with bandits, beasts, monsters, and abominations. The woods are the reason the people of the capital began building on Shibus, clearing out the woods would have caused to many casualties that anyone was comfortable with.

Government Edit

The island of Tego is run by The Council of Nora. After the last monarch stepped down it was decided that the Capital and Archipelago should be run by a council of one of every race native to Reah.

Lawrence Pekoe - Halfling Councilor

Henrik Redrain - Elven Councilor

Alexi Ironbrew - Dwarven Councilor

Yennifer Martin - Human Councilor

Ziggy DeBolt - Gnomish Councilor

Persons of Interest Edit

Grunoir Pembrook - A private detective who was born and raised on Tego. While he no longer has a permanent residence there anymore, he still returns frequently.

Reavus Wick - A dangerous rogue with a reputation that demands respect. Rumours say he is somehow connected to Dino Garland but no investigation has been conducted.

Eddie Fitz - A once renown ship captain who fell into obscurity after his ship crashed during a massive storm.

Alistair McClain - A third generation alchemist. He lives in the family home that was constructed specifically for an alchemists needs. In secret Al practices the dark art of Necromancy.

Officer Guy Schenk - The Officer in charge of a regiment of the Ranger Core. He was once a promising young soldier but his career became stagnant.

Winchell the Ferry Boat Captain - This trust worthy soul always has an ear open and a shoulder ready for you. He is in charge of the ferry that runs from Tego to Shibus.

Gideon One-Horn - Gideon is the Half-Orc barkeep of the Maiden's Thigh. He is a large burly man with a big heart. He has been known to brutally injure people who insult his friends.

Points of Interest Edit

The Sunken Tower - This tower used to be a ranger barracks but it has sunken into the earth. A gang of barbarians burrowed through the bottom of the tower into the cave systems below. The sunken tower is used for smuggling illegal materials into the city.

Defenses Edit

The walls of Tego do not surround the entire island. They line the northern coast but end at the port and ferry on the east and west end of the island. The residential district spills into the wilderness, leaving it open. The Ranger Core protects the border between the wilderness and the city.

The Sword of Nora - The city guard is divided into three sections. The Sword of Nora patrols the streets and protects the people on Tego.

The Ranger Core - The Core go into the woods outside of Tego on patrols. They are responsible for killing any evil creature they find. The Ranger core is a very dangerous job but they are respected by the entire city.

Establishments Edit

The Maiden's Thigh - A small inn located near the docks of Tego. It is the location where Fyren the Fire Eater conducted his first performance in Reah.

Working Man's Market - A grouping of stalls that merchants use to sell their wares. Anythings from chickens to spell books are sold in this market. The items here are not always the best of quality, but for beginning adventurers you have to take what you can get.

Quests Edit

The Stolen Shipment - Given by Gideon One-Horn