Anthony "Tony" Vito - The Heir (Male, Goblin) Edit

The 20 year old Goblin has grown into a very skilled artificer, just as his father is. He serves as the Underboss of the Underdark as well as adviser to the Don. He is the heir but many believe that the Don will outlive him. At the moment he is content where he is in life, but he may be convinced to force his way into the Don's seat.

Dino "King of Cool" Garland - Nora (Male, Halfling) Edit

Dino rubs shoulders with the elite class of Nora. It is a rumour that he is an underboss of Don Vito but no one has the gall to ask. If anyone seems to disrespect the King of Cool then they end up "disappearing". Dino has an air of charisma that follows him everywhere. It is very difficult to not like the guy. He is revered among the people making him a difficult man to get near.

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Luca Bass - Basaka (Female, Goliath) Edit

Luca is a Goliath Barbarian who seems to struggle with intelligence. She is the Underboss of Basaka where she rules with a terrifying presence. The Halflings who live there don't give him much trouble. The island is surprisingly one of the most profitable due to the grow ops conducted there. The little people also love to bet on some illegal fights for a night of fun.

Sonnie Soprano - Cordin (Male, Dwarf) Edit

The Dwarf fighter is an intelligent man with a fiery temper. He is the Underboss of Cordin, choosing to live in the Dwarven city of Yosethra. He is generous and loving to all but if you step out of line he will send his might mercilessly. Even the King of Yosethra has respect for the man. There are rumours that he is planning on establishing his own family to take over the Vito families operations. He believes that he could run things better then the Goblin.

Reavus Wick - Shibus and Tego (Male, Human) Edit

The Human rogue is the Underboss of Shibus and Tego. Many of the past Underbosses had beem bumped off. The only reason Wick hasn't been stabbed in the back is because he is a better back stabber then anyone else on the islands. He is a very dangerous man and many believe he is one of the best warriors in Reah.


Kaprick "Kapone" Oney (Female, Gnome) Edit

Kaprick is a Gnomish alchemist who's team is responsible for manufacturing the majority of the regions contraband alcohol and potions. Kaprick is very rarely seen as she spends the majority of his time with her team in the brewing building.